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Default Re: Trump hits back at late night shows critical of Republicans

‘SNL’ creator Lorne Michaels reveals why his show ignored Harvey Weinstein scandal – TheBlaze

Lorne Michaels, creator of “Saturday Night Live,” revealed Sunday the reason his show ignored a major news story from last week.

The comedians on “Saturday Night Live” almost always satirically cover the major stories of the week. But over the weekend, one of the biggest recent news stories went noticeably uncovered: the sexual harassment scandal surrounding Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein.

Upon leaving the show’s after party early Sunday morning, a reporter from the Daily Mail asked Michaels why the show ignored the Weinstein story. Michaels essentially confirmed everyone’s suspicions.

“It’s a New York thing,” Michaels said, likely referring to the fact that Weinstein is a New York liberal.

Not an accurate representation of a white person.
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