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Default Re: Trump hits back at late night shows critical of Republicans

Excuse me if I take this opportunity to say fuq you. These people are Americans. Most of the republican states get more from the federal government then they give. While states like California gives more to the federal government than they receive. BTW you are a farmer supposedly who gets help from the government when other Americans don't. We should kick you off the public dole.
Originally Posted by 300 H and H View Post
Puerto Rico is still a hole, electricity and water are still scarce because the liberal Government is so heavily indebted that there were huge issues with both BEFORE the hurricane hit them.

Like they would never, ever get totaled out by a hurricane sitting in the middle of the Gulf anyway.

Did you see the aid we gave them while their leader was to lazy to get her own people to help distribute that aid? What a disgrace for a territory wishing to become a State. They are a vacation that never ends down there, no one in a hurry to do much of anything.. lazy.

Not Trump' s fault at all.

Regards, Kirk

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