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Default Re: Trump hits back at late night shows critical of Republicans

Originally Posted by WallyWager View Post
The debt has NOTHING to do with the situation, with the hurricane. It's primarily a problem of destroyed infrastructure and coordination. It's not because Americans in PR are "lazy", they're doing as much as they can given the devastation. Although it was fun to watch you categorize an entire US territory as lazy and always on vacation lol.

Also this is that "lazy" leader you're talking about.

You'll never see Trump waist deep in storm water.

And nothing of what you said excuses his pathetic behavior.
Debt has everything to do with it. Tell that to the Mayor of Detroit in your neck of the woods. The infrastructure has not be maintained down there for a generation, since the liberals spent not only all the money but all any Bank with any sense would lend them.

Can you say Detroit? I know you can...

To say debt has nothing to do with their problems they had before the hurricane is an out right lie. they have caused huge problems for them selves for many years, and it has caught up to them big time. Now the place is flattened once again by yet another Hurricane. Who needs more of this crap.

BTW you will never see Hillary or Bernie waste deep in storm water either. What an idiotic comment to make.

Regards, Kirk
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