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Default Re: Donald Trump Refuses to Send More Aid to Puerto Rico, Citing Business Interests

Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
This story is a couple days old, but as I understand it, the problem is logistics, not availability of cargo space. PR's ports are mostly without power and are operating at far less than capacity with American ships towing barges more than ample to handle the shipping. Airfields are having a similar problem.

PR power may not be back anytime in the near future. Which creates he catch 22. Can't get supplies in to rebuild the ports and airfields so that supplies can flow. Allowing foreign vessels will solve any problem.

The Trump administration has denied a request to grant a waiver of the Jones Act for Puerto Rico to ease the shipping of food, fuel and other hurricane relief supplies despite previous waivers earlier this year, citing a government assessment that determined the islandís ports are too damaged to handle an increased import capacity.

One exract. Don't remember where I found it but several sites report the same.
A rule was suspended for fla and tex aid as far as shipping goes
why not puerto rico?
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