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Default Re: CANADA: Sikh politician heckled as Muslim at event

With the onslaught of Muslims going to Canada right now it is no wonder the natives are pissed.

With the problems they are bringing to Canada, the Canadians have every right to be concerned about what is happening to Canada as the liberal party is welcoming anyone and everyone to Canada. The other half of the nation is not interested in allowing this. They are very much divided as we are. Only they are being ruled by liberals. (you all know how I feel about liberals.)

I predict this ends in yet another mess of liberal totalitarian rule.

Canada ends up broke monetarily as the Muslims try and take over the country from within, as they are trying to do in so many countries across the globe.

This is all about Muslim conquest of the globe.

I realize this man is not Muslim btw. The woman who was going off on him obviously does not know he is not a practicing Muslim...

Regards, Kirk
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