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Default CANADA: Sikh politician heckled as Muslim at event

CANADA: Sikh politician heckled as a "Muslim" at a political event.
His response is instructive.

Watch: Sikh politician brilliantly responds to heckler who confuses him for a Muslim
On Wednesday, Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh was holding a meeting with his constituents in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, when a woman who mistook him for a Muslim, stood up and began an Islamophobic rant about Sharia Law.
The woman went on to shout accusations at Singh who responded in a brilliant way.
Singh, a Sikh, is not only a frontrunner for the New Democratic Party's leadership but also a member of the Candian Parliament.
He is known by the nickname "Jagmeet and Greet", which he shiningly lived up to when he responded to the heckler.
The video, taken by Brampton Focus, has since gone viral and has been viewed more than 30 million times.
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