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Default Re: Bernie Sanders Makes Unions Sexy Again!

Originally Posted by Surly View Post
Wages directly effect profit. They just do. Profit is up year after year and wages are stagnant or get lower.
Your calculations are too linear. Wages effect profit if price pressure holds sale prices down. Unless value is increase, a manufacturer's product cannot be sold for more than a competitor's product. At one time, union labor effected quality and value of the product.

What happened to that part of the equation?

Again I refer to Chrysler Corp. who, under the leadership of Lee Iacocca, partnered with the unions to save Chrysler, not by the simple influx of cash but by common effort to achieve common shared success. Chrysler went from also also ran and bankrupt to a quality leader producing American products people wanted to buy. And not just because of the union label.

Because of innovative products produced with pride and workmanship.

Look what happened when he left.

The management went back to counting beans and the union went back to wages, benefit, and daily pink slips from the shop stewards. If it were simply a matter of wages to create profit would not that plan have succeeded?

BTW, none of this s "sexy." And more of the Union bullsh!t with Bernie leading the charge will change that.
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