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Default Re: Bernie Sanders Makes Unions Sexy Again!

Wages directly effect profit. They just do. Profit is up year after year and wages are stagnant or get lower.
Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
Is that why union companies are shrinking as a percentage of the manufacturing sector while gaining in the government sector?
Union Vs. Nonunion Wages | eHow

There is more to the equation than wages and benefits.

As the BIG THREE US auto makers have proven, having a union card doesn't insure a prosperous future for the union employee. The only thing that saved GM was an intervention by President Obama in their bankruptcy. Much the same with Chrysler who curiously, is now owned in part by the unions.

Ford made it on their own but only after shedding Lincoln Mercury, Jaguar, and Volvo.

Promising higher wages to the employees meant gutting value from the product. A recipe for suicide. Something Chrysler proved in the final years under non auto industry bean counters.
Grab her by the *****, Vote Roy Moore.

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