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Default Re: Bernie Sanders Makes Unions Sexy Again!

Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
Salty, which exactly are these strong associations that employers belong to?

Companies compete with each other. Bush Beans are on the shelf right next to Heinz Beans. I prefer Bush. I'll pay the extra few cents for the difference. Not so with closed shops, There is no competition. You make 4 widgets/hour, you make 12. You get your $23,45/hour. That's what unions do. That's strong association.

Fact is, Salty, if companies got together and decided that all beans would cost $1.29 a can, that would be a monopoly and illegal.
Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
no ot dwindled when presidents interfered in private company and private worker negotiations.
people have been propagandized since the 80s about this.
before that and before labor laws workers heads were beaten in by company goons and no one was charged for it.
read some history and truly know your worth.
if your company has no union fine. if you work for one with a union fine by me.
what you will see in wally world is people having no seniority and doing the job of three people then getting replaced by newcomers for less wages. screwed out of retirement and shiddy benefits
you wanna pee out your eyes for a multi billion dollar corporation that treats workers the way their government lets them fine
chinese workers are locked in and America is the only non union Nissan plant.
why? cause mississippians were propagandized just like you.
we used to share in a good economy. no more
A little short on the actual facts here Salty.
Non union plants are in many states of our nation and pay the same as union plants. Better work conditions, ( including merit pay raises and promotions) because they need to compete for good workers to stay competitive.

The fact is if companies banded together like unions they would be indicted for creating a monopoly. It is why Unions are exempt from RICO.
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