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Default Re: Bernie Sanders Makes Unions Sexy Again!

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
that's what propaganda does. it's smart. it has years of advertising to draw on not to mention hitler's goebbels.
yes these people were brain washed and pressured to vote against their own interests.
There you go, employers are like Hitler. That is patently absurd.

People not voting in their own interest is the addled rational for socialist dictators and union bosses alike to seize power. It is why union bosses fight like crazy to avoid recertification elections, workers don't know what is good for them so it is dangerous to let them vote.

In recent decades union membership growth has come from government employees. Please provide some examples of state and local governments anti union propaganda. Asking employees to contribute more towards their benefits like they do in the private sector is not propaganda.
The Democrat's strategy for the Trump Presidency is the same one used by Stalin's secret police chief "show me the man and I will show you the crime."
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