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Default Re: Nine percent of Americans say neo-Nazi or white supremacist views are acceptable:

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
While most people would find the above abhorrent, having views and acting upon them are also two very separate things.

Because of free speech, it colors any number of things, but one person's free speech is another's opposite view. The actions that infringe on another unwilling person is illegal by law, so one group may want to eradicate another group, but until the time that any action is taken, it is protected.

If you don't like something, or find something particularly horrendous, you do your best to change that particular person's views, or approach it to change the general group's views.

Let's take it down to something innocuous - you like pretzels. X over there thinks they are the spawn of the devil, and preaches such to all that will listen. But until the time that X acts upon their hatred, breaks a law in regards to pretzels, it is protected.

Don't get me wrong, I would not voluntarily associate with someone who held neo-Nazi views or believed in white supremacy, but they have broken no law by holding those views.
It's not a "FREE SPEECH" question, the question was about HOLDING the views.

And since you find the NAZI etc views "atrocious" it seems you might at some point "do your best to change that particular person's views".
And If you are trying to change their views that means, by default, that you don't think it's "acceptable" for them to hold them.

If someone thinks it's Acceptable then they don't CARE, if they change or not.
SALT Prezetals or Plain, pineapples or bananas, any are "acceptable". Our personal preference is not a moral judgment or statements that define everyone's reality.

but the ideologies of nazism and racial supremacy are by default morally corrupt and corrupting of any cultural or nation that absorbs it.

Tolerating a certain amount of crap in America's political pool may be a sad necessity, the price of freedom etc., but is it really "acceptable"?
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