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Default Re: Nine percent of Americans say neo-Nazi or white supremacist views are acceptable:

Originally Posted by mr. wonder View Post
Also, let's take the lowest percentage of this survey and assume that percentage can be applied to all of the American public.

OK so it's really only 3% who agree NAZI/W-Sup are acceptable ideas to "hold"/promote.
If we lowball rounding down to 300 million Americans, that's 9 million Americans that are OK with NAZI and white supremacist ideology.

For a comparison Gallup estimates from it's surveys that 3.4 Americans are LGBTQxyz.

they managed to get "the right" to marry?
Should anyone at least take seriously the NAZI/White Supremist alt right movements?

Here's another funny hypothetical question for those that ID right/ conservative/ Republican.
If your own mind... a person who was a clear racist/neo-nazi became THE Republican congressional or presidential candidate, and HE or She ran against Hillary Clinton would you refuse to vote or would you vote AGAINST Hillary?
I think that question was answered last November.
Grab her by the *****, Vote Roy Moore.

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