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Default Hello. What Do You Think Of My Avatar.

No. I'm not trying to be a dick. It just so happens that just about everything you have heard and continue to hear about Hitler or WW II in general is a lie. For one reason, demonizing your enemy is a tactic as old as the hills. Also, it has been said that in war, truth is the first casualty. (For the winning side, it remains a casualty) Another truism is that history is written by the victors. Here in the U.S., that not only included the vast majority of what is "written," but what is wrongly passed off as fact on zillions of different "history" shows.

Here is another interesting point on that. At various forums, I have tried to tell people the REAL truth. But it just isn't allowed. At the very least, not for very long. It is a god damned shame! As well as being outright un-American. Because here in the U.S., the Constitution itself protects freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I know that forums are privately owned. But it is immoral at the very least for a private company in this country to do something that their government itself won't allow itself to do.

I would like to tell everybody here the truth. And if you don't think it is the truth, feel free to tell me why. Because I can defend what I may say. But here is a question I would like to ask the mods before I even try to tell you the real truth. Will you allow me to do so?
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