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Default Re: Phoenix Mayor Asks Trump To Delay Visit

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Sheriff Arpiao was repeatly reelected by wide margins despite the nonstop whining of Left wing activists that he violated civil rights and had the audacity to cooperate with immigration authorities. In a huge embarrassment to the open borders crowd pushing the myth of the law abiding illegal alien Sheriff Joe actually conducted enforcement raids against identity theft a crime pandemic to the illegal alien community. Naturally Left wing activists rushed into court where a sympathetic judge substituted here partisan open borders philosophy for the will of the voters.
This is a combination of right-wing nonsense and BS.

Joe Arpaio was re-elected repeatedly because of his tough stance on crime. He initiated numerous unique policies while the Maricopa County Sheriff.

Based upon an investigation but the Department of Justice it was found that Arpaio's involvement in immigration "round-ups" violated federal guidelines that had been established based upon prior federal court and Supreme Court decisions. The DOJ filed a lawsuit against Joe Arpaio's Sheriff's department for racial profiling (a violation of the Constitution) and was successful in that lawsuit. The federal court ordered Joe Arpaio to end the practice of racial profiling in it's immigration round-up.

Arpaio willfully refused to comply with the federal court order, fundamentally saying "to hell with the federal courts and the US Constitution" and was again ordered to comply. Arpaio again refused and the federal court issued a contempt citation. The case was transferred to another federal judge for adjudication, allowing both sides to present their case, and Arpaio lost. He's currently waiting for sentencing.

When the voter of Maricopa County found out that Arpaio had been violating the Constitution and then when it was revealed that he was also refusing to comply with a federal court order, reflecting Arpaio's contempt for both the rule of law and the US Constitution, the voters booted his racist ass out of office.

Of note some of his other policies, such as his "tent city" for criminals, have also been reviewed and ended because they violated the Constitution and guidelines for incarceration of prisoners established by the federal courts.

Arpaio had complete contempt for the law and the US Constitution and continues to have complete contempt for the law and the US Constitution. That, of course, matched him up perfectly with Donald Trump that also has complete contempt of the law and the US Constitution.

It can also be noted that many of those that were illegally and unconstitutionally arrested and prosecuted are now being deported for crimes where the actions of Arpaio taint the arrest and conviction. Undocumented alien defendants in these cases were provided with a plea bargain opportunity and told that by pleading guilty it would not result in their deportation. Trump has been deporting them based upon the guilty plea obtained by plea bargain in violation of the plea bargain agreement.

As note many of these cases related to the use of false identification to obtain employment but none of those convicted were engaged in "identity theft" where they were attempting to use that identity to steal from another person. This was exclusively about using a fake (not stolen) SSN to obtain employment. There was no theft involved. If the SSN matched another person's it was purely by accident. No one lost any money because of the fake SSN's being used (and the US taxpayers benefited from the taxes collected).

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
The Democrat mayor of Phoenix is doing nothing but partisan political grandstanding with his braying about our Presidents visit. Just like the mayor of Charlottesville gave cover to violent Antifa thugs to suppress free speech the mayor of Phoenix wants to deny the same right to the POTUS. Democrats lose at the ballot box so just suppress the opposition by any means necessary including violence.
The mayor has not asked the President to not come to Phoenix. He's requested that the President delay a completely unnecessary campaign event (three years before the next election).

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
As for the Antifa appointing themselves as protectors of nonviolent protesters, nothing could be further from the truth. Antifa thugs showed up in Charlottesville with the intent of attacking peaceful protesters of the city's decision to remove a civil war statue. In a move that surprised even the mayor, the city council decided by a 3 to 2 vote to remove the statue. But to the Antifa criminals the idea of someone they disagree with exercising their first amendment rights is all the excuse they need to violently attack.
The KKK is the godfather of all of the current White Supremacy/White Nationalism/Neo-Nazi/Alt-Right hate groups today. The KKK is the oldest and bloodiest terrorist organization in American history. Today it's the extremist radical right-extremists, lead by the White Supremacy/White Nationalism/Neo-Nazi/Alt-Right hate groups, that represent the primary threat of terrorism in the United States.

During the ten day period surrounding the Charlottesville White Supremacy hate group demonstration there were three terrorist acts committed by the right-wing extremist with two of them directly tied to White Supremacy. There was the bombing of a mosque in Minnesota, the vehicular terrorist attack against the peaceful counter-demonstrators in Charlottesville killing one woman and sending 19 more to the hospital, and there was a terrorist attack against an Oklahoma bank by a right-wing anti-government extremist attempting to emulate Timothy McVeigh (that was thwarted by the FBI that provided non-explosive materials to the terrorist).

The "demonstrator" in Charlottesville were not "peaceful" demonstrators but instead were American terrorists that have committed more acts of terrorism than anyone else in American history. They are dedicated to the violent overthrowing of the Constitutional government of the United States so that they can impose a tyrannical fascist government based upon White (WASP Male) Supremacy in the United States. Allowing the KKK and the other racist hate groups to demonstrate in the United States can be compared to allowing ISIS to demonstrate in the United States because both are roughly equal by all standards of tyranny and violence.

Robert E Lee, while having many positive personal characteristics and accomplishments committed an unforgiveable crime. Lee joined the treasonous Confederate insurrection against the Constitutional government of the United States that resulted in the deaths of over 200,000 members of the US military. In one three day period alone, at the battle of Gettysburg, Robert E Lee was responsible for the deaths of over 23,000 American soldiers. Robert E Lee was a traitor and we do not honor traitors that are responsible for the deaths of American soldiers that have fought and sacrificed their lives in the defense of the US Constitution and the Constitutional government of the United States.

Every member of the Confederate military, government, and/or that provide assistance to the insurrection was a traitor. Had it not been for presidential pardons and granting of amnesty by President Lincoln Robert E Lee would have been prosecuted for treason and executed at the end of the Confederate insurrection in 1865.

The monuments of Confederate traitors were erected by the KKK during the Jim Crow era as symbols of White Supremacy to terrorize the black population into submission.

No American that humbly celebrated Memorial Day every May can honor Robert E Lee or anyone that was involved in the Confederacy. You cannot honor those that have given their all in the Service of the Constitutional government of the United States and also honor those responsible for their deaths.

So you can pick a side.

You can honor the fallen members of the US military that have died in combat defending the Constitutional government of the United States.


You can honor the traitors responsible for their deaths.

You can't honor both.

The statues must be removed from their "place of honor" because traitors should never be honored and moved to a museum where the truth about the Confederate insurrection based upon White (WASP Male) Supremacy for the purpose of slavery can be accurately preserved and presented to the American people. White Supremacy has been the darkest blot on American history resulting in continuous tyranny, violence, and death since the nation was founded.

Antifa is a violent and unlawful response to the hatred, violence, murder, and terrorism of White Supremacy in America. It cannot be condoned but it pales in comparison to the evil of White Supremacy that it opposes.

Of note, contrary to Donald Trump's claim, there were no good or descent people marching with the White Supremacists/White Nationalist/Neo-Nazi/Alt-Right terrorists demonstrating in Charlottesville.

No descent or good person would have ever demonstrated with the "KKK" chanting anti-Semitic slogans like the White Supremacists in Charlottesville.

The only group that represented good and descent people were the hundreds of non-violent civil rights counter-demonstrators that included those like Heather Heyer that was brutally killed and the 19 other victims of the terrorist attack by the Neo-Nazi White Supremacist James Alex Fields.

Here's my advice.
Don't support terrorists or traitors.
"I always had a rule, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it's dirty on the inside." Donald Trump

"I always had a rule, if the White House is dirty on the inside, it's dirty on the outside." ShivaTD

Based upon the corruption, brutality, inhumanity, immorality, dishonesty, and incompetence of the Trump administration the White House is the dirtiest house in America and there's no known cleanser that with remove the stains of the Trump Administration.

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