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Default Re: Phoenix Mayor Asks Trump To Delay Visit

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
Phoenix Mayor Asks Trump To Delay Visit, Hoping For 'More Sound Judgment' : The Two-Way : NPR

I've not heard that Trump has decided to cancel his planned campaign event in Phoenix for next Tuesday yet but I can confirm that there's a huge protest being planned if he does decide to come. I live a little more than an hour North of Phoenix and there's an expansive effort on both the social media and by email and text messages in this area for people to travel to Phoenix in car pool to protest at the event. I'm assuming the same thing is happening in Tucson and other parts of the state.

There's been a huge negative reaction to Trump's false equivalency between the racist hate groups of Neo-Nazi/White Supremacy/Alt-Right and the counter-demonstrators in Charlottesville this last week. His statement "there are good people on both sides" has inflamed not just the left but moderates and conservatives as well.

There are no "good people" associated with the Neo-Nazi's/White Supremacists/Alt-Right (a rebranding of Neo-Nazism/White Supremacy for marketing purposes by Richard Spencer) nor would any "good person" ever join in a demonstration by the Neo-Nazi's/White Supremacists/Alt-Right regardless of the cause. "Good People" never join any KKK/Neo-Nazi demonstration, ever.

Joe Arpaio is an especially thorny issue here in Arizona and especially in Maricopa County where he was the sheriff for 24 years (as I recall). Joe Arpaio won election after election in Maricopa County because the people there liked tough law enforcement..... but they expect law enforcement to support and follow the laws and the Constitution.

After Arpaio's Sheriff's department was convicted of employing racist tactics in it's immigration enforcement in violation of the Constitution that support was shaken. Being tough is one thing but for Arpaio to ignore the Constitution and to employ racism in his department was unacceptable and "Racist Joe" as he's known was booted from office. The fact that he's now been convicted of intentionally continuing to use racism in his department after being order to stop, basically saying "F*** the Constitution and F*** the Federal Courts", does not sit well with people throughout Arizona. Arizona may lean slightly right overall in elections but it leans heavily on the side of the law and the Constitution and Arpaio disregarded both.

A presidential pardon of "Racist Joe Arpaio" in Arizona would go over about as well as a presidential pardon of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks).

Trump's lack presidential qualifications based upon his lack of knowledge about racism in America, his lack of knowledge about American history, and his own racial prejudice have combined over this last week to further empower the Neo-Nazi/White Supremacy hate groups in America. This is NOT a good time to come to Arizona because the people of Arizona are organizing to protest against Neo-Nazi/White Supremacy in mass if Trump does show up on Tuesday. The organizing of a non-violent protest is in the works but violence is to be expected.

We can also expect the Neo-Nazi/White Supremacists to show up and, as one of their members from Charlottesville has promised, they Neo-Nazi/White Supremacists are going to kill more nonviolent protesters in the future. The Antifa is also likely to show up to defend the non-violent protesters from the Neo-Nazi/White Supremacists and unlike the non-violence of the Political Left that supports civil rights the Antifa is not opposed to meeting the violence of the White Supremacist with violence of their own.

No longer will the violence of the racists go unopposed as it did with the civil rights movement during the 1960's when the "KKK" had free reign the beat and murder the non-violent members of the civil rights movement. Those days of unopposed violence are over. The civil rights movement remains non-violent but the Antifa has self-appointed itself, against the will of those participating in non-violent protests against the racist hate groups, as the protectors of those that won't defend themselves from the violence of hate.

Please President Trump, don't come to Arizona. You've already done too much to empower and promote the violence and terrorism by the Neo-Nazi/Supremacists in America. Don't make it worse just to boost your ego with another campaign event. Emotions are way to high here to provoke a violent clash by the Racists in America.
Seriously? President Trump is coming to announce a pardon for Sheriff Joe? Where did you hear that? President Trump is coming for a campaign event. And why not? Being President does not eliminate your right to speak.

Like many of your posts, you're wandering off into la la land.

You want to stop violence at the rally? Beg or cajole those thousands of anti Trump protesters to stay home and bake cookies. If a riot happens, it won't be President Trump that makes it happen.
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