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Default Re: 20-Time Deportee Moves to Sanctuary City, Allegedly Rapes 65-Year-Old Woman

Originally Posted by 300 H and H View Post
The only thing that will teach this person anything is a hollow point bullet to the head. Why we just don't kill people humanly who are repeat offenders I don't get.

Todays Justice just doesn't work. An eye for an eye does work. Which is

It would teach others a lesson they need to learn as well, by taking a life.

It hasn't so far has it?

And there would not be as many Democrats voting either...

Regards, Kirk

Originally Posted by Surly View Post
Civilization is overrated.

Far to many are reverting to cave man style of justice not caring for others.[/I]

Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
This is both the fault of the federal government and the sanctuary city.Because had the city not released him then he would have been the fed's problem. And the fact that man has been deported 20 times meaning he committed 20 felonies each punishable with 2 years. Had the feds locked him up he wouldn't have been in Portland. This is why simply deporting the offender is not a punishment due to the fact they will be right back.
.... We need old way of "a life for a life"

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