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Default Re: Obamacare Isn't Affordable....

Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
I'm getting stuck on being forced to pay for somebody else's problem. Not just health care bit poor innocent border invaders and "refugees" who just want a better life and stand up pissers who want to sit down next to my grand daughters.

What part of that is hard to understand.

Surly, the flaw in your health care argument is the typical liberal presumption that the only answer to a problem is to throw more government money at the problem. Aside from the fact that government has never made anything better or cheaper there are other solutions.
It's not 'government money'....

The mindset I've recently dealt with from a far, far left liberal I am related to, is that UHC is intrinsically tied to (a copy and paste from his FB rant) :
and how it interconnects with issues such as social/income equality, employment stability, transportation, housing, education, campaign finance control, government regulation, water/air quality standards, disease control, women’s reproductive health, childcare .
While a couple items are applicable, I'm seeing a direct relation to a socialistic program.

Why stop at UHC? It's for your own good!!
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