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Default Re: Scientists Found a Second Giant Garbage Patch in the Pacific

Originally Posted by winston53660 View Post
New Prime real estate ready for development is what it really is!

Somewhere in the North Pacific, there's a giant floating patch of garbage thousands of miles wide. It contains millions of tons of plastic and is estimated to take up an area the size of Alaska. We've known about it for around 30 years, and scientists have struggled to develop a method to clean it up.

And now, a group of researchers has discovered another one.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch floating in the North Pacific is the result of ocean currents called gyres. These gyres are circling currents that can trap particles floating in them and push them into a single area. Essentially, all the trash thrown into the North Pacific is brought to a single area off the coast of North America.

I envision a Trump real estate project on this stinking garbage pile of ****.
So you go through all that for a limp wristed poke a Trump. Lame, really lame.
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