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Default Re: Analysis: Trump Will Claim Health Care Win _ or Shift Blame

Originally Posted by Senior View Post
"Let Obamacare fail."

The solution of a President who said for years that repeal and replace would be his first and most pressing initiative as president. Occupying the White House and with GOP majorities in both houses of Congress, Trump still can't fulfill his seven year old promise.

Lol. A yuuuge bucket of Trump/GOP FAIL.
That Trump, he is responsible for a couple of pro Obamacare GOP Senators derailing the reform effort. Trump should have announced he was ready and waiting to sign a reform bill. Oh wait, he did. He should have met with Senators to lobby for the bill. Oh wait, he did. He should have publicly celebrated when the House passed a reform bill. Oh wait, he did.

A couple of GOP Senators decided to scuttle this round of Obamacare reform and partisan Trump haters act like it's the sinking of the Titanic. Yes, it is a disappointment even a big one but Obamacare was also pronounced DOA before it was rescued by shady parliamentary tricks. Democrats tried without success for decades to enact a Federal takeover of healthcare. Remember Hillarycare? That failure didnít prevent her political rise nor did it stop Democrats from trying again.
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