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Default Re: Who's paying for the wall?

Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
The problem with Bush is that he just like his father and Ronald Reagan are illegal alien testicle lickers.He just like them had no intention on actually cracking down on illegal immigration. Bush essentially said here take this money and make it look like you are doing something but I don't want to actually do anything. Virtual fence, the national guard on the border with no authority to arrest or detain any illegal crossers and fences made to make it easy for someone to climb over. No one in their right mind would do that **** if they really wanted to keep people out.

I support a wall for the simple fact that if we get another Bush, Reagan, Obama or Clinton in office then funding for those enforcement provisions will go away, they will falsely claim the border is secured and use it as an excuse to reduce funding for it, enact an executive order allowing people to stay here illegally, or anything else to undermined our immigration laws. A wall on the other hand will still be useful even when the next illegal alien testicle licker in office decides to reduce our border patrol numbers and wall is much harder to remove than funding and enforcement laws are.

I think the following would eliminate most of the illegal immigration and encourage those already here to leave-

1.Crack down on the scum who hire illegals.Treat them no different than we do drug dealers and other criminals who profit from and or use their money for illegal activities.Which means prison time and possible loss of assets and money.

2. In order to get any ID or driver's license you present a birth certificate( in rare cases a non-availability birth certificate where it has been investigated that the individual was born in the US), green card, or certificate of naturalization and social security card.After that require a state issued ID or driver's license in order to the following-

-enroll yourself into school
-enroll your minor kids into school
-apply for welfare,food stamps,section 8 housing and any other tax payer assistance for yourself and or your children
-get a business license,fishing/hunting permit,building permit, license to practice law, food handlers permit, gun license(in states that require a permit to buy a gun),concealed carry permit(in states that require a license to conceal carry) or any other tax payer funded service
-open a bank account, cash a check, use a credit/debit/pre-paid card, apply for a loan,or wire money.
-rent,borrow,lease or buy property
-rent,borrow,lease or buy a motor vehicle.
-get legal documents for yourself or your children.
-get utilities

3.Mandate E-verify for every employer regardless if that is an actual employer, contractor or sub-contractor, or temp agency.

4.Repeal part of the immigration and nationality act of 1965 that allows for the chain migration of relatives other than spouse or minor children.This would virtually eliminate anchor babies.

5.Seeing how many of these people here illegally came her on a visa and let it expire we should also cut off visas to citizens of countries we have the most illegal immigration problems with until those numbers go down.
I wasn't talking about Bush, and especially not about Reagan. My point is that the build the wall bill was passed during Bush. AFAIK, it's still there. And the wall has not been built.

Bullshlt then, bullshlt now.

Shutting off the perks would not eliminate part of the problem, it would eliminate all of them. And it would be self sustaining.
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