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Default Re: To Hot To Fly and getting Worst in the Future

Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
Hey Kirk, for every Scientist saying it isn't real I can find one that disagrees..

Not proven my ash Kirk! Why is it you few depend on your opinions and not facts?
So knowing each of you will spin any news I place you pick the dang news article... at;

Knowing not one of you will click the links I provide..

Also if possible Check the other links at and you might find one that supports your opinions.
Means sh1t to me. I don't believe a word off this garbage.

I believe in statistics, and they say this is garbage. They say not enough raw data for the amount of time the earth has been here. Get it?

I don't believe in taxing to fix it, nor do I believe it is anything but a partisan political issue.

Regards, Kirk

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