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Default Re: The 712-page Google doc that proves Muslims do condemn terrorism

Originally Posted by mr. wonder;898648I've never doubted that MOST Muslims flatly Condemn Terrorism. And i believe the [I
western plutocrats/oligarchs/kletocrats[/I] are using Islam and "terror groups" as pawns and as the new boogie-man.
However, the Islamic faith easily lends itself to terrorism on the fringes.
And in the main, it lends itself to political and social oppression of all those that don't "submit".

More than any other major religion.
I agree..

But I also wish there were a way to screen or identify those who cause the terrorism in the Muslim Religion. If there were a way.. wouldn't it help the religion as a whole?

It is one thing to denounce terror, quite another to do some thing actively about it.

Regards, Kirk
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