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Default Re: Men and Republicans Are the Best Tippers

Originally Posted by winston53660 View Post
Southerners are Trump voters:


................ fI]nd trth[/I This is what happens automatically..

Republicans, know they are spending their side money from big money.. So wanting to look good they do tip good..
Also knowing they can< wrte > knowing they can write it off or get the money out of petty cash jar.

Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
.... So Cheep, is the word.

Seek the truth where ever in all times.



Bull Sh!t.

People who understand the value of work tip commensurate to that. It has nothing to do with political affiliation. Although political affiliation might have something to do with putting a value on work ethic.

I have yet to discern a gender or race in my tipping habits. I always tip 15% or better and have a $2.00 minimum even for a simple cup of Joe, if served to me at a table. And I don't "write off " my tips. That charge is a baseless lie as the IRS has pretty much cancelled the Three Martini working lunch deduction.

As a self employed small business Winston, you should know that.

My daily lunch at Stefanina's is $14.60 and I tip $4.00 to the young, the old, the guys and gals, the cute and the ugly. Receipts to prove it. Food service folks put up with a lot. And most earn their pay working hard at it. Otherwise they fail to get good tips, and fail to achieve high pay as a consequence.

I hate restaurants with mandatory tipping making exception for large parties.

Tipping may not be an American custom but let's hope it remains an American choice. Unlike mandatory Healthcare Insurance, you are not obligated to pay it, especially if the product/service is lousy.

Or don't use it. After all, some folks don't go to restaurants.
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