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Default Re: A Doctors explaines why our HC is in Crisis

Originally Posted by Surly View Post
What is the obesity rate of Trump voters, how many of them smoke?

Preventative medicine should be the focus of any healthcare system, unfortunately there is no profit in it. I am trying to think, have I ever seen a young white person with a gold tooth, wonder why the imaginary letter writer threw that in there? I wonder if there really is an ER Doc named Starner Jones, because he probably has HIPPA issues to handle now.
Originally Posted by Surly View Post
See post #4.
Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
Nice post yet leaves a lot unsaid.. And as I recall from the campaign trail as with both Dems running there were some oversized persons in all there camps..
What got my attention was 2/3 were in the Dem camps.

Why not do a search for this doctor as I have done, Simple MD Starner Jones.., And guess what I got back:
Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
I see racism issues as all E.R. Doctors are trained to pick up signs as many patients don't tell everything they need to know about in helping them..

He was very observant nothing more. As he had decided to sent a letter to the W.H. and needed to list all items to express his thoughts. If it were racst the President would have never even seen this letter.

Again with the auto, so add an"I" if it is missing.
Surly post #4 is your ongoing disagreement with GetAClue. Nothing to do with my point both in starting this thread (except for the matter of preventve medicine

Damn again.. Why does this auto crap happen to me?

I would like you to read both of my last two post and check into the Link provided.... And get back to me.

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