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Default Re: A Doctors explaines why our HC is in Crisis

Originally Posted by Surly View Post
Did the Dr say he was an overweight white guy? No, he focused on a gold tooth for a reason. This is far too stupid and obvious to talk about. In this case the racism is obvious and this letters circulation for the last 8 years or so would make a good thread discussing the racism of the right, who keep it alive and going around, you know, in case they forget "them people" are trying to get that there free health care. Arguing about it is just dumb. I never should have responded to such a blatantly racist thread.
This is a forum about Obamacare. There were valid points made about Obamacare in the letter and in other's posts.

However, you cannot get past a gold tooth. The author never mentioned race, you inferred it. I don't believe that gold teeth are exclusive to a single race as I've seen plenty of white guys with gold teeth. So therefore it is YOU that are judging this person based on a few characteristics. That would point the racism finger more at you than anyone else.

But I see you still refuse to address the overriding issue. You want to deflect and impune the author with what you perceive as racism based on a definition of the patients appearance which points directly at your perceptions about other people, which would paint you as the racist in this conversation.

It also indicates that you cannot dispute what was said. I get it.
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