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Angry Re: Chicago sees 52 people shot over Memorial Day weekend

Deadly 4th of July holiday weekend in Chicago...

13 dead, 89 wounded in July 4 holiday weekend shootings
Wednesday, July 05, 2017 -- The long holiday weekend was tragic for many people across Chicago. Police districts all over the city were extremely busy overnight.
Since 8 p.m. Tuesday, Chicago saw an incredible spike in the violence. More than two dozen people were shot and six of them were killed.

The total numbers from the weekend were staggering. Since Friday night, a total of 13 people were killed and 89 others were wounded.

One of the latest shootings was near East 109th Street and South Eberhart Avenue in the city's Roseland neighborhood, where two men were killed and two others were hurt

Police had been carrying out anti-violence raids over the holiday, hoping to prevent the bloodshed.
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