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Default Re: European Court of Human Rights rules baby must be killed

Originally Posted by winston53660 View Post
Why would you want anybody to suffer like that like that baby has to?
I, for one would not want ANYONE to suffer like that. However, it is not mine, nor your, decision. It SHOULD be the decision of the child's parents whom I would imagine, have the best interest of their own child on their mind.

But by stating what you posted, you are really dodging the obvious question that comes to mind while addressing this issue in a political forum; do you feel that this is the correct decision by the court? Do you feel that the court should even be in a position to make these kinds of life and death decisions?

As others have stated here, I believe this comes down to an issue of fairness in the minds of the courts in that if they allow this specific instance to proceed without gov't dollars, others that believe that everyone should have equal access to financial resources for such a procedure, would demand that the gov't pony up if circumstances arose that affected them. This then puts places the gov't in the role of god and master of all. Not exactly a society that I would want to exist in.
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