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Default Re: No, White Friend - You Weren't "Embarrassed" by Barack Obama

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
Yeah I guess y'all couldn't take a chaste husband, who cared about people, guiding us through the worst economic crises of our lifetime; whose only fault in governing was trying to work with his political opponents, but did ya have to go this far?
A bad President bent on fundamentally transforming GD America into just another socialist pseudo democracy using identity politics to set us at war with one another is what Obama was. He did not lead us out of an economic crisis, he joked at his failure to do so "shovel ready jobs weren't so shovel ready" to the delight of his government contract dependent "jobs" council. He held nothing but contempt for Congress except as a vehicle to obstruct legislation so he needn't bother vetoing it even declaring that he would rule by pen and phone. He had no problem blocking investigations with executive privilege or declaring members of his administration innocent of wrong-doing while investigations were ongoing. He didn’t hesitate to undermine the Senate's advise and consent role in foreign treaties by declaring arrangements with foreign powers agreements or accords.

There are millions of good dads and faithful husbands but that doesn't mean they would have made good Presidents. Obama shouldn't be exalted as a President because he was faithful to his wife and family. Looking back it is easy to see he came nowhere near to earning the Nobel prize bestowed upon him for his race.
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