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Default Re: It Didn't Take Long for China to Fill America's Shoes on Climate Change

Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
What most just don't yet understand is China is maneuvering to try to take the lead roll in the world while still setting herself up to take control if that world leadership roll doesn't pan out..

Look to the S. China Sea and China man made Islands. This area of oceans is the most economical traveled water way of any. And these surface to ship/surface to air missiles China has set up on a few Islands can control the entire area.

China wants to lead one way or the other...

And I don't want to hear all the patriotic crap as we are not preparing like China or other commie countries are.. Once again America is falling behind as it has far to many tasks competing for money...
And China should be looking out for its own interests. So should we.

They do. We don't.
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