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Default Re: Senators reach Russia sanctions deal

Originally Posted by Senior View Post
Trump-proof Russian sanctions will pass both houses. Unlike Trump, Congress generally understands that Moscow waged hybrid warfare against the US during the 2016 election.

It's a shame that Congress has to pass safeguard-legislation to deter Donald Trump from giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Wow, you can see the future course Congress will take passing preemptive legislation based on the rumor Trump will lift Russian sanctions. It is a shame to see the anti Trump lynch mob insisting Congress must act to counter some made up Trump threat to cozy up to the Russians then whine about how they must deal with the imaginary threat.

The hysteria of the Russian boogeymen engaging in "warfare" of one variety or another against the US has to be constantly ramped up lest the lack of evidence cause it to collapse altogether. Even the much ballyhooed "Russian" hacking of the DNC is based on so-called evidence produced by consultants hired by the Democrat party and super secret intelligence information known only to a select few. In truth, sanctions or no sanctions the cyber attacks are not going to attack, pretending that sanctions against the Russians will protect us is partisan political nonsense.

That is not to say the Russians along with the Chinese and numerous governmental and nongovernmental groups aren't actively attempting to hack US computer systems, they are. The emphasis ought to be on improving our defenses at least to a level where garden variety phishing attacks like the fabulously successful one on the Democrat server and glaring security holes like using "password" for a password, become things of the past. But a common sense approach to cyber security doesn't feed the hate Trump narrative so it is ignored in favor of braying about solutions that will not succeed.
The Democrat's strategy for the Trump Presidency is the same one used by Stalin's secret police chief "show me the man and I will show you the crime."
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