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Default Senators reach Russia sanctions deal

Senators reach Russia sanctions deal

By Jeremy Herb and Ashley Killough
June 13, 2017

Senate leaders struck an agreement Monday to roll out additional sanctions on Russia and make it difficult for the President to lift them. The Senate Foreign Relations and Banking Committee announced a deal that had the support of the committee's top Democrats and Republicans that's expected to attract wide bipartisan support. The proposal would provide for a congressional review process if the executive branch eases current sanctions on Russia. And it imposes new sanctions in a number of categories, including those "conducting malicious cyber activity on behalf of the Russian government" and "supplying weapons to the Assad regime." The measure would also authorize assistance for European countries concerned about Russian aggression, and require a study on the "flow of illicit finance involving Russia and a formal assessment of US economic exposure to Russian state-owned entities." The legislation is expected to be attached as an amendment to an unrelated bill involving sanctions on Iran.

The issue saw renewed attention after Yahoo News recently reported that Trump administration officials began developing plans to lift sanctions almost as soon as they took office.
Senators on both sides of the political aisle are trying to make Russia sanctions "Trump proof". Trump has hinted at removing the Russia sanctions despite Russian digital/disinformation/troll attacks on the US during the 2016 elections.
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