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Default Re: When Conservatives Say Obama “Embarrassed” America, Show Them This Pastor’s Respo

what? What world power the Fat Boy in North Korea has already treated Trump. Please be specific. You made the claim. Who disrespected our military under Obama and exactly how? Who was it took out Osama bin Laden? Just asking.
Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
Well, my son and his Airmen buddies in the Air Force for one. They couldn't stand Obama. Also, my brother who works at Central Command in Tampa Florida and attest that almost no one there could stand him.

If you are looking for statistics, you may be hard pressed as generally, those in the military are often unwilling to show any political opinions as they are trained to avoid anything political.

As for Trump being "punked" by the N. Korean Fat boy, in what way? KI is just blustering as does every NK leader when new President takes office. Fat Boy knows that if he starts anything serious, his entire country would disappear in about 20 mins. Also, Trump has gotten China to get involved like they have never in the past, to put the clamps on NK. They quit buying coal from NK, which was NK's only true export.

I would say Trump is playing Fat Boy and NK like a fiddle. Don't believe every opinion piece you see or read in the MSM.
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