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Default Re: The Government Hates Boobs

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
yeah I don't want to see yours or your husband's boobs. on a beach maybe if it's posted.
and people who breast feed usually know how to do it discretely. if they don't I will not complain just leave.
so have you ever had a really old broad with no bra and a see through shirt serve you at a convenience store?
I have and if you "free the boobies" well more of those old azzed hippie gals are going to claim the right. And more than just in California.
The point is it's very sexist. Why can't we have the same rules for both genders. We don't have to free the boobies we could require that men cover up too just to make it all fair. As for babies I do think it should be law that all public places have a clean and comfortable place that's not a bathroom for women to go breast feed. If my church can manage it so can everyone else.
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