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Default Re: The Government Hates Boobs

Originally Posted by BridgetRose View Post
All I want to know is why are my nipples more offensive than my husbands? He can walk around shirtless and nobody thinks anything about it but if I did it all hell would break loose. Not for nothing but there are men with bigger boobs than I have out there and they can go shirtless.

Then there's the whole breast feeding thing. Celebrities can walk around with their tit's hanging out all over the place(nipples covered) and nobody complains but heaven help you if you use your tit's for what they are actually made for when out in public. The problem is men have made them sex objects. No they are not toys for your pleasure they are a natural way of feeding offspring. You don't make a cow cover it's udder but if a woman feeds a baby in public, even with a blanket over herself, people get all bent out of shape.

Let me say that I'm not going to be crazy about a woman secreting fluids while I'm eating my lunch but where is she supposed to go? Many places still do not have rooms for nursing and the bathroom is unacceptable because they are usually filthy. Why not make it law that every public area and business has to have a clean area for nursing babies? Well it won't happen because the baby formula business is big bucks. They don't want women nursing babies, they want you to spend a fortune for their inferior product. My daughter pumps because it's easier when out in public but she also says breast milk goes bad faster so it's just better to feed directly from the breast. It's a natural thing so why not just embrace it?
yeah I don't want to see yours or your husband's boobs. on a beach maybe if it's posted.
and people who breast feed usually know how to do it discretely. if they don't I will not complain just leave.
so have you ever had a really old broad with no bra and a see through shirt serve you at a convenience store?
I have and if you "free the boobies" well more of those old azzed hippie gals are going to claim the right. And more than just in California.
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