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Default Re: The Government Hates Boobs

Originally Posted by Manitou View Post
So why didn't the Democrat monkeys change the law when they were in power during Obama's reign?
The Democrats only had control in 2009-2010 and they were preoccupied with more important national issues like trying to address the Recession and Health Care Reform addressing the lack of insurance by tens of millions of Americans including those with pre-existing conditions. Changing an FCC regulation on "indecency" wasn't very high on the national agenda at the time.

It's always amazing that Republicans believe that the Democrats should have fixed all of the problems in America during 2009-2010. They accomplished a lot but with only two years, and a national crisis on their hands, to expect them to fix every single problem is a bit absurd.

What we do know is that overall the Obama administration, even with Republican obstructionism between 2011-2017, left the nation better off than when Obama took office. It would have been better still if the Republicans had not adopted the "Oppose Anything Obama" position and the election of Tea Party Republicans in 2010, that were radical obstructionists unwilling to even work with the majority of Republicans in Congress, made matters even worse for America.
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