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Default Re: McCain says Russia is our nation's biggest threat.

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
I would ask the loony Senator from AZ "when was the last time an American was killed by a Russian activist?
Both of the Boston Marathon bombers were born in Russia and there's no question they were activists although they were basically anti-Russian activists that opposed the Russian persecution of Muslims in the Chechen Republic as well as the Muslim oppression (religious intolerance) in the United States.

It's always interesting to try and understand "Republican" logic.

Here the "death of Americans" was applied but that didn't matter when the US invaded Afghanistan when no Afghanistan activists had been responsible for the killing of any Americans.

Then we have Sen John McCain that obviously considers Russia a primary enemy of the United States because of Russia's use of military force to acquire territory but McCain doesn't seem to overly object to Israelis use of military force to acquire territory from the Palestinians. Why wouldn't both be on McCain's list of enemies of the United States?

The inconsistencies of Republican logic is never-ending.
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