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Default Re: Kathy Griffin holds bloodied Trump mask in photo shoot with Tyler Shields

Speaking of hypocrisy didn't the last RW that was really violent get elected anyway?
Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
Pictures always receive more scrutiny...Seeing something gets more of an emotional response than simply hearing...

A good example of this is footballer Ray Rice...He punched his wife in an elevator and received a two game suspension...

...THEN the video came out of the punch, and the negative public response was 50-fold...His suspension was increased to "indefinitely" and his team released him from his contract...

This picture of Griffin, obviously, crosses the line of decorum, but this is nothing more than a visual representation of the violence expressed by the Left toward Trump...Just a few examples...

Joe Biden said he wishes he and Trump were in high school so Joe can take him "behind the gym" (to roaring applause)...

Madonna thought about blowing up the White House...

Robert DeNiro wanted to punch Trump in the face...

So vile, violent rhetoric is A-OK with the anti-Trump crew...Just don't put it in a picture...
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