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Default Re: Thousands of Veterans and Their Families Would Lose Insurance Under the AHCA

The problem with American health care is not the quality or availability of excellence but the universal provison of it, by law, to anyone who needs it.

No physician, E-R, or hospital, will send a sick or injured person away. For two reasons;

1) It is against the law to refuse service to someone who needs medical attention. Hospital, clinics and medical practitioners know that if they refuse service, even if legitimately, they are subject to inspections and review. So they always, as a matter of practice and policy, provide services and attempt to collect after.

2) It is inhumane to reject services that are needed. So unless someone wants their bent nose or double chin fixed for free, the service wanted but not needed is performed. From colds, to cuts, to symptoms of the flu, and examination and treatment is provided. Again, practitioners error on the side of caution.

So, the problem with health care insurance is that we have this law protecting persons from being turned away and it forces the medical industry to service those who cannot, or will not, pay their fair share.

This well intentioned law has created a boon for insurers via the application of OBAMACARE which mandates that everybody must have health care insurance.
And as a result, someone who can pay some or all of the costs cannot negotiate with the service provider. Instead they must pay a "middleman" who would of course, need compensation for their "contribution" to the payment process.

It is on the back of this arrangement that the costs of medical products and services has risen beyond reason. And no attempt by a government to mediate the cost/benefit struggle will provide services at lower cost when it involves a commodity product.

The product is healthcare, not health care insurance. We need to get the insurance industry under control. The only sure way to do that is to require them to earn their customers by quality and affordability. Translate that to competition.

Competition with each other, in all markets and also competition with self insurers who will pay for services at much lower rates than the insurance industry claims those services cost.

I have been self insured for 30 years. My costs for medical services was almost always one third of what the insurance industry told customers . And it was commensurate with what Insurance companies actually paid their doctors for the exact same services.

The scam is not over. Trump's ACA program is much the same. The Insurance industry will not let go of their wind fall profits. It is an enormous amount of money and they will spend millions to maintain their control of it.

Repeal Obamacare.


Build a new program of health care clinics that treat anybody who walks in. STOP

Free the insured from the bonds of territorial racketeering by insurers. Open the borders so people can buy insurance they want across state line. STOP

Allow people to buy catastrophic policies for the big occasional expensive medical emergencies and pay their own way day to day on the wellness programs.


There exist actuaries on all of these ideas. The Insurance industry could turn on a dime to make a fortune "Honestly" instead of rapping the public, not only with the government's permission, but mandated by law.


Yes STOP before it is too late to save American Health care. What once was the best health care in the world.
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