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Default Re: Thousands of Veterans and Their Families Would Lose Insurance Under the AHCA

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
Interesting that the headlines to this article say "would', and in the body of the article it says 'at risk'.

The increase of the number of covered vets, as with any citizens, was likely due to the threat of penalties if you didn't get health insurance...

While I haven't had time to read through the AHCA as was passed, there is one thing that I can say.... if a person has to be threatened by means of fines, to purchase a product, I don't call that a good thing. The administrative burden that goes with the PPACA is/was astounding.

While I believe that pre-existing conditions should be covered (albeit at higher premiums) and the actual definition for insurance purposes of such be redefined, the subsidies are turning into joke. Each special group claiming need, and the weight falls back on the working joe......

Enough already. Since the PPACA is not self-sustaining and beyond fixing, and I laugh each time someone says what the current administration puts out there better be better than the PPACA, I can only hope that the AHCA erases the extortive mandates of the PPACA, and expands the access to sliding scale clinics for those who cannot afford health care or insurance on their own.

And then just leave the rest of us the hell alone.
A good response to the madness from the supporters of the PPHCA. A program which, if Congress does not authorize a massive bailout, will collapse and fall in on itself. If and when that happens many, many more citizens, who paid higher and higher premiums will also be without Health care INSURANCE.We were told in 2009 that 30 million people did not have Healthcare insurance.
Today, Despite the enormous costs of PPHCA to citizens and the economy.... 33 million still don't
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