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Default Re: University’s student government wants free tuition ‘reparations’ for black studen

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
no kidding, Dick Tracy.
guess who pays for one through twelve?
guess who used to pay for college ? Guess when jobs were plentiful and paid well?
Usually real estate taxes pay for schools 1-12, or some areas have a special tax allocated specifically for schools.

I would support 'free' local 2 year college as an extension of the usually 12 years one spends in school, if it included vocational training.

By then, the students would have matured a bit more, and may actually have a clue about what a 'profitable degree' actually was.

College or university after that, is up to the individual.

That being said, nothing is 'free'. If you want government sponsored college or university, may I suggest moving to the EU?
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