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Default Re: University’s student government wants free tuition ‘reparations’ for black studen

Originally Posted by Dog Man View Post
You know, I have to say that I am not really against free tuition for black kids. I think it would help a lot of black kids out of poverty and set an example for all black kids that they CAN make it. Obviously they would have to graduate high school first, which might help more graduate from high school too.
Sounds nice but, is that really fair to all the other kids? If this was just a black white issue, it would seem fair but still, even then it would not be.

What about half breeds or Latino's and other groups that make up our diverse society?

American slavery is over. It has been so for 150 years. The black community has been held back much of that time by racism. Not just white supremacy but racism. It still holds them back because they too cannot eliminate "race' from their perspective any more than White's or Latino's. A program that gives a "freebie" based on race will not improve those relations because it still defines us as different. Separate but equal is based on a recognition of being different.

That didn't work for 100 years. Why promote anything that would continue the practice?
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