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Default Re: University’s student government wants free tuition ‘reparations’ for black studen

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
I know how our economy works. Are you suggesting that freebies for "special people" is how it works?
All people are special people. It pays back into the system with inventions technology and employment all equaling a higher standard of living
Affirmative action may well work for the chosen group involved. Depressed blacks needed a temporary boost is one thing.
not depressed but repressed by managers who save the good clients for their white sales reps and so on with every profession except maybe hands on manufacturing where quality control makes the judgements.
Reparations for slavery, a common worldwide economic norm for thousands of years, is entirely something else. Slavery ended 150 years ago here in the USA, how do we repay the "debt" to the Dead? And a good many non negroes died in the struggle to free the slaves. How do we pay that debt?
stay a slave or join the army and get paid- oh there's a hard one.

I don't believe in reparations. the only reason people entertain it is cause most ancestors freed during 1860s did not get 40 acres and a mule, some actually did. but irish and natives everywhere as well as chinese and blacks would deserve the same. it just isnt feasible

One has to be pretty loose with other people's money to encompass all of that debt into an fair program of "Reparations"
and with their own money as it would certainly take most of it
How do we determine worth value and whom is entitled. By pedigree? By Family tree history? By skin color? Oh wait, isn't that racist?
i don't know search me
And don't scold me about Affirmative action. At my companies, we practiced it for 40 years. With OUR money.
i didnt realize affirmative action took money
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