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Default Re: 10-year-old autistic boy handcuffed at school, spends night behind bars. Here’s w

Originally Posted by Zenock View Post
Part of the problem is that parents don't seem to hold their kids accountable anymore. If I kicked a teacher in school. I would be more worried about what my dad was going to do to me than anything else. I had a loving father. But I was always held responsible for the things I did.
That's an important point. Even the mentally ill need to obey society's rules and shouldn't assault anyone. I don't like the way this was handled, because the warrant should have already been served, yet I have the feeling this mother would just excuse her son's atrocious actions because of his illness instead of disciplining him to teach him that it is wrong to kick or otherwise assault anyone. Hopefully this experience will teach him that it is NOT OK to hurt others and it is NOT OK to use mental illness as an excuse to get away with it.
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