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Default Re: 10-year-old autistic boy handcuffed at school, spends night behind bars. Here’s w

Originally Posted by Lumara View Post
What do you think would be the proper way to handle an assault?
Depends on what you mean by "assault". Assault can be anything from getting stabbed to being touched anymore.

If a 10 year old without a weapon decided to hit me, kick me, or whatever. I'm pretty well confident as a full grown adult I could handle it. When I was 10 I would have been grabbed by the ear and sat in a chair. Might have been suspended or even expelled. Could have ended up cleaning up graffiti.

If the kid seriously injures someone and puts them in the hospital. Yeah arrest them. But if some one has a few scratches and bruises, just deal with it or do get involved in raising kids.

Part of the problem is that parents don't seem to hold their kids accountable anymore. If I kicked a teacher in school. I would be more worried about what my dad was going to do to me than anything else. I had a loving father. But I was always held responsible for the things I did.
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