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Default Transgender woman wins international weightlifting title amid controversy over fairn

Transgender woman wins international weightlifting title amid controversy over fairness

Transgender weightlifter wins women’s competition, sparking debate on fairness – TheBlaze

A man, identifying as a transgender woman, recently dominated a female weightlifting competition, sparking debate on fairness in sports.

Gavin Hubbard, 39 — now going by Laurel Hubbard — is a New Zealand weightlifter who dominated the Australian International weightlifting competition in Melbourne on Sunday. Hubbard lifted 590.9 pounds in the women’s 198.4-pound division, out-lifting the competition by 45 pounds.

Hubbard is the first transgender individual to win her division in this competition.

While many may find this progressive and a reason to celebrate, some of Hubbard’s competitors aren’t seeing it quite that way.....
seriously, "Laurel" feels like a woman THEREFORE all the rights of a woman belong to Laural.
I woman if Laurel still has penis? it doesn't matter of course though.

Next people who think they're young will be playing little league. Biological age, and the number of times that the Earth goes around the sun may be FACTS but if a 25 year old man FEELS like a 10 year old boy, well then only a chronophobic, backwards thinking old person would deny them the RIGHT to play.
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