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Default Re: Senior White House Adviser Departs for Business Lobby Group

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
Repubs can't even be bothered to read the OP these days...
Get back to me when you've read it. I even bolded the portions where Trump's pseudo "drain the swamp" measures were ignored.
Until you've read it and can comment intelligently, I'm not wasting my time on somebody who won't even bother to read.

Meanwhile, I'll chalk you up as a documented "Repub / right-wing voters don't give a damn either".
I read enough to understand this was a looking for a gotcha story. There are so many gotcha attempts floating around that it's not worth the bother to read every line of every new liberal story.

But I did go back and reread this one. And arrived a slightly different conclusion.

Somebody who had been employed in a temporary position for 4 months found a permanent gig and took it. Liberals are upset because Trump.

I feel better now.
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