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Default Re: Gay porn scandal rocks U.S. military

Surly I except anyone from the Left to try hard to back the policy allowing gays in the Military... As it is part of their base issues, as is Right to Life for Republicans.

But the first lines say's it all....

Dishonorable behavior a direct result of the armed forces becoming a place for leftist social experimentation
Never satisfied the Left went for it being accepted in society once the keep pushing till it became law under Political Correctness
(see they plan it all out and attack when the time is ripe, while the bots just keep pushing what the DNC Leaders want pushed)

If it didn't make it in the last decade they would still be shoveling it down Americas throats..
Why can't others see this Party is hell bent on Destroying all hints that America has a moral fiber...

Sense when what is done in the bed room a Political item? Well they made it one. It was once a issue for the law. Not any more..

You know which other country failed allowing this very issue to ruin their Military?

I am sorry if this offends anyone.. It wasn't meant to. It was meant to show how the DNC Leadership will stop at nothing to gain it's way.

I don't care what anyone does behind closed doors. Hey if it is animals have fun.. But why does it need to be in our face, parades ads etc.

I would think if I were doing this for sure I would not want everyone to know it just by looking at me. Yet!

It is now a culture...

_ ... _ Improvise - Adapt - Over Come ... _ ...
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