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Default Re: Fox News poll: 54% oppose Obamacare replacement

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
[I]The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that in terms of reforming health care, 62% of Likely U.S. Voters feel it is more important to reduce the cost of care. That’s up from a previous high of 59% in January of last year. Thirty-four percent (34%) still place more importance on making sure that everyone has health insurance, but that’s a new low.
That's an interesting poll considering the following analysis by EPI.

Costs will rise and coverage will fall under the AHCA
Costs will rise and coverage will fall under the AHCA | Economic Policy Institute

While the CBO predicted lower costs for AHCA policies it was because the benefits are not equal when compared to the ACA. Of course it "costs less" to not provide coverage but when comparable benefits are used as the basis for the cost of insurance the rates are going to skyrocket under the AHCA while the number of people covered dramatically decreases and the benefits for those that are covered are dramatically reduced creating far higher out of pocket expenses.

As Republicans scramble in the House to get enough votes to pass the AHCA there's talk of eliminating the penalty for not continuously maintain insurance, that's a far greater cost than the penalty under Obamacare, and if that happens the insurance companies are going to have to dramatically increase the rates because people will literally wait until they have a serious illness, costing the insurance companies a metric butt-load of money, before they sign-up for insurance.

The AHCA is basically failing on all fronts from the perspective of the typical American. The only people that like it are Republicans that have a health care policy of "Don't get sick and if you get sick die quickly" based upon historic agenda of "Do everything you can for the wealthy and screw the poor and middle class."

BTW - In 2016 the cost of health care only increased by 5% although the insurance premiums increased nationwide by over 20%. The increased insurance premiums were a result of the Republicans in Congress not providing the payment of 80% of the previously anticipated losses for the insurance companies during the first three years that was included in the ACA. Republicans only provided a 12% payment and the insurance companies had to make up the difference with higher rates.

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