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Default Re: Fox News poll: 54% oppose Obamacare replacement

Originally Posted by Senior View Post
Fox News poll: 54% oppose Obamacare replacement

The GOP is punching their one-way tickets home in 2018/2020
Interesting how extreme lefties denounce FOX unless it presents a poll result they like.

Sadly, this one doesn't.

Americans don't oppose repeal and replace, they oppose the replacement part. But at least, unlike the "pass it so we can read it ACA bill of Obamacare" we are getting to see that sect of sausage being made.

The arguments are clearly posted in the headlines of both the trusted media ad the fakers. Congress is sure on repeal. It is the replacement bill in which we find disagreement. And it is causing many to revert back to the security of what exists.

According to Rasmussen, the highest level of support for the mandate was 44%. Now it is 32% which is less then the percentage of Democratic party voters.

To wit;

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that in terms of reforming health care, 62% of Likely U.S. Voters feel it is more important to reduce the cost of care. That’s up from a previous high of 59% in January of last year. Thirty-four percent (34%) still place more importance on making sure that everyone has health insurance, but that’s a new low. Thirty-six percent (36%) continue to believe, however, that the government should require every American to buy or obtain health insurance. Fifty percent (50%) oppose Obamacare’s health insurance mandate, while 14% are undecided.

Support for the individual mandate in regular surveys over the last several years has run from a high of 44% in November 2014 to a low of 32% in October of the following year.

This is why Senator Rand Paul and his Freedom caucus oppose the current ACA bill. But they clearly support repeal. And this group has a significant following of support from the people. Who at one time supported repeal at 56%.

Repeal is inevitable. With what it is replaced is a matter of serious contention. And the Obamacare Lite presented so far, is unpalatable for most conservatives. Including conservative Democrats. How the Congress responds to these objections will determine who buys those one way tickets home.
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