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Default Re: ISIS Ideology, did you know

I find the following facts to be of interest.
  • Rationalizes Right to Exist based upon historic religious-political state.
  • Recruits foreigners to participate in it's cause.
  • Has committed acts of terrorism.
  • Believes in the Right of Conquest to acquire territory,
  • Committed acts of local genocide.
  • Participated in murder in foreign countries.
  • Denies right of political sovereignty to people in territories it occupies by force.
  • Oppresses those subjected to it's authority by force.

Based upon this short list of criteria we be unable to identify whether we're talking about ISIS in Syria-Iraq or about Zionists in Israel.
President Lincoln issued 64 pardons for war-related offences; 22 for conspiracy, 17 for treason, 12 for rebellion, 9 for holding an office under the Confederacy, and 4 for serving with the rebels.

The American Civil War was a White (WASP Male) Supremacist insurrection against the Constitutional government of the United States. Every American that served the Confederate cause was a TRAITOR and every White Supremacist today is a Traitor and a Terrorist.
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